Poetry in Business

Poetry in Business is a fresh training format designed by TalkShop.cc , which helps non-native speakers of English to enhance their communication competency in business settings. The concept is built around the idea that effective communication in a foreign language will be successful if we connect with our inner selves, are aware of our communication strengths, and apply these efficiently.

The season of love, peace and joy propels traditions that have been passed on over generations. When taking a closer look, we will notice that every tradition is linked to a beloved, just like a holiday cookie recipe. The Poetry in Business™ - Cookie Edition is about remembering loved ones, finding peace in loss, renewed hope for the future, strength to start a new beginning and allowing one's self to be a source of love again. 

We are delighted to give you one poem, one cookie recipe and one audio as a gift. Have a look and eat your cookie meaningfully this season! You can get the whole edition for 7.99 euros. The edition (34 pages) contains

6 cookie poems (by Lovelyn Andrade, in English); 6 traditional family cookie recipes (in English and German); 6 audios (the poems are read by poet Lovelyn Andrade and actor Immanuel Degn and accompanied by the wonderful music of Turkish composer Cagri Beklen )

If you prefer to order your copy of the Cookie Edition personally, please contact us !